Ana bahib al lahmeh kteer
Whether its there or here
For the lahme drive an hour
Because lahme gives me power
Chilling eating shish kebab
I even eat it at my job
People say you want some lunch
Only lahme you as much
Put the chicken in my mouth
Put it always in the south
You don’t know what you’re doing
I love that chicken wooing

When I have no lahme
I feel like I’m gonna dieeeeeeeeeee

If you give me lahme
I feel I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Lahme is the best creation in the universe
If the lahme not existing
I will just curse
Now shit f*ck bitch hell
Lahme has the greatest smell
f*cking stupid bitch whore
Lahme now at your front door
Lahme lahme lahme lahme lahme (x3)
Ana bahib al lahme (x3)
Lahme lahme lahme lahme lahme (x2

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